Fruit of the Spirit – Love Part 2

Love – What Are You Going To Do About It?

Last blog I stated that often love is a choice, not necessarily a feeling. If we are true followers of Jesus, love will be evident in our lives. Sometimes it comes at a great cost, a huge sacrifice. Sometimes it comes easy.

Now, I want to make this a practical journey for all of us. You may want to print this out and work on it and read it daily to remind yourself what you’ve committed yourself to. I know I will. Within the next week or so, I want to challenge you to show love in a practical, tangible way. Do these acts of love unannounced. No, “See how much I love you? I am doing, or going to do, or did this for you!” Write down what you’re going to do, and then do it!

If you are married, what will you do to show love to your spouse? Get creative. Do something different from what is normal. It doesn’t have to cost money. In fact, in my situation, expensive “stuff” and sometimes even cheap “stuff” is out of the question. No complaints, it’s just reality for many if not most of us.

Now think of another family member, maybe even that family member that is often difficult to love. Same question, same reminder to “think out of the box.”

What about your “work family?” They need to see God’s love shining through you, too!

Then there’s your church family . . .

And your neighbors . . .

Maybe someone who serves you on a regular basis, such as the mail carrier, the UPS guy, the waitress you see nearly every week . . . (DON’T be thinking, “I’ll give them a Gospel tract.”) Get creative. This is probably going to be the tough one for me this week!

Next week I’ll ask you to go back to this blog and comment on what you did to show love to others. These comments will NOT be “humble brags,” but just straight-forward, factual reporting of creative ways you chose to allow God’s love shine through you to others in meaningful ways. You may give the rest of us some ideas on how to continue to love others in creative (and hopefully inexpensive) ways. I know that I run out of ideas, but as a group we can encourage one another to love and good works. Reminds me of Hebrews 10:24:
And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works . . . (ESV)

God bless you as you go about loving others in tangible ways!
The Sword Project Open Source Bible Software [Software]. (2007). Bangkok: Thailand Bible Society.


One thought on “Fruit of the Spirit – Love Part 2

  1. So practical ways to express love.
    I had some amazing nurses caring for me while in hospital felt to bless them with little token of thanks.
    Hubby: Thanking and loving him for who he is and his care for me.

    Thanks for praying for my foot Cindy, I am able to put a lot more weight on it x


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