Repatriation, Part 4


Last October, I really pared down my schedule and began to focus on Life Objectives.  Call them whatever you want, but this is what one system called them, and it seems to fit.  I had been sensing that God was getting ready to show us a next step to take, not really knowing what it would be.  By the end of November, I wrote down what I believe God was showing me.  Three or four weeks later, it became clear to both Dana and I that this change would be repatriation to the States in the Spring of 2017.  I share this because I know that it will be easy to conveniently “forget” some of this, especially as I need to seek employment/income producing ventures when we return to the States.

I know it would (probably) be easy for me to get substitute teaching work in the public school system, wherever God calls Dana to serve.  It would probably be not too difficult to get a contract teaching middle school science in the 2018/2019 school year and beyond.  Who in their right mind, having an education in science, would do that?!  I would, and I did, for several years before heading to Thailand.  But, as I look at those things, I wonder how they truly fit in with my life objectives/purposes.  The overarching purpose is to know God and to make Him known.  Would the public school system be only for money to bay the bills?  Is it REALLY what God is calling me to do?  Would I find fulfillment in His calling on my life, our would the 50-60 hour work weeks physically so exhaust me that I just wouldn’t have enough energy left in this nearly-60-year-old body to do much, if any, ministry at all?  So, I share this.  Pray for me and Dana as we begin this adventure of job searching at the ages of 59 and 60.  To be honest, we never expected to have to do this again!

I’ve written a little devotional booklet, trying to get it ready for e-book publication.  It’s based on lessons I taught the Thai ladies here.  There are several more topics I have the basic notes for, so maybe a little series of 5 or 6 booklets.  I want to see if this might be a way I can make God known.  I’ve figured out how to center vertically using Office 365, now to remember what I’ve learned.  I’d spent hours trying to get this to happen.  I got an e-cover and a print cover designed on little to no budget – thank you Fiverr!  Pray that God guides in this part of the adventure.  The last thing that is now left is to confirm my formatting, and try to get it up on Kindle Direct Publishing and “market” it. (BTW, if this would interest you, follow this blog and I’ll get you on an email list, as soon as I figure out how to do that LOL!)

I love to crochet and sew, and enjoy knitting too.  These may be ways I can help support us, by selling products and also by giving lessons on how to do these things.  I need to hear clearly from God on this too.

I want to invest in lives in VERY significant ways, building up disciples of Christ and leaders that will serve long after I’m gone.  (Morbid, but my 45th birthday marked a paradigm shift to wanting to leave a legacy of godliness.)  Trust me, I’m not ready to go yet!

I’ve seen “job openings” (hate to use that term when it comes to ministry) for children’s ministers.  Those descriptions excite me!  Investing into the lives of not only the children, but also their leaders, helping them become better equipped and skilled for children’s ministry.  I think this would be a good fit for me.  I’ve also seen a missions pastor position – a great position for Dana and I to fill as a team.  Neither one of us has the full skill set for the position, but the two of us together do!  We have simple tastes, so probably one salary would work for us.  Pray as we look into these things. Pray that we won’t become discouraged.

This is the skeleton of what I came up as I sought God out back in October.  This is a scary thing for me to make public.  But, I need to make known the things I’ve been shown.  I need to be held accountable to stay true to these objectives/purposes and strategies.  I need to make sure that, if I make any changes, these changes are done with much thought and prayer and counsel. What follows is list form, so quick to read.  Let me know what you think!


Life Objectives

Since I am not traditionally employed, I choose to have four fundamental objectives; one spiritual, one health related, one relational, and one addressing future financial stability.

  • Spiritual Objective: To know God and to make Him known
  • Health Related Objective: To be as healthy as I can be
  • Relational Objective: To be an emotionally stable wife, mother, grandmother, and friend
  • Financial Objective: To be debt-free and able to retire in Fall of 2024, without burdening friends and family


Life Objective Strategies

Spiritual Objective:  To know God and to make Him known

  • To Know God
    • Quiet Time
    • Prayer
    • Journaling
      • God’s messages to me (use for blogging and writing?)
    • Attend Conferences if possible
    • Read Books, Articles, and Blogs
  • To Make God Known
    • Blogging?
    • Writing?
    • Discipleship/Teaching
    • Evangelism
    • Hospitality
    • Music
    • Giving
    • Encouraging

Health Related Objective:  To be as healthy as possible

  • Diet
Consistent with vitamins and supplements


Decrease Increase
Weight – 135# Nuts – almonds, cashews, walnuts
No turkey, chicken or pork Veggies
Shellfish only once a month Fruit
Cheese only twice a month Olive, coconut, and sesame oils
Tuna only once a month Fish
Baked goods (cake) only once a week Legumes
Beef only once a week Water
Soda only once a week Low fat dairy – yoghurt, keifer, sour cream
As little sugar as possible  
  • Exercise
    • Walking – work up to 10,000 steps/5 miles a day
    • Planking
    • Low-impact aerobics
    • Find something for my flabby thighs and triceps

Relational Objective:  To be an emotionally stable wife, mother, grandmother, and friend

Two key tools to help me accomplish this is a really, really good calendar and a super-complete address book

  • Wife Role
  • Mother Role
  • Grandmother Role
  • Daughter Role
  • Sibling Role
  • Extended Relative Role
  • Friend Role

Financial Objective:  To be debt-free and able to retire in Fall of 2022, without burdening friends and family

  • Pay off student loan
  • Build up $15,000 (3+ months expenses) savings account
  • Active Income
    • Crochet – product and teaching
    • Sewing – product and teaching
    • Tutoring – English, reading, basic math
  • (Relatively) Passive Income
    • Books?
    • Blog?

Pray for me as I embark on this adventure, as we repatriate and I need to fulfill what, after much prayer and thought, even a bit of fasting (something I don’t normally do), I believe God has placed in my heart.


p.s. Once again I snitched the picture from Google Images.  Seems to fit.


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