Repatriation, Part 5



Well, January 25th it got more real.  I transferred about 265 USD, a 10% deposit, to the sea crate company, with a packing date set as March 10.  I’ve been sorting, tossing, giving, selling, and packing stuff, but now I have paid for the deadline.  March 10.  We will fly out just after midnight on March 14th, arriving at LAX about 10 a.m. the same date.  So much to do!  Closing up house is hard!  We were hoping for 2 cubic meters, it’s looking like 4.  No more than that!  1 bedroom apartments are 400-600 square feet, and 4 cubic meters of stuff is a LOT.

We need to find a buyer for our truck, but don’t want to give it up until the 12th of March.  It’s a great vehicle for hauling people, and would make a great church bus.  Pray it sells at the right time and for a good price.  We also have a 200cc motorcycle to sell.  We need one or the other of them until nearly the end, preferably the truck so we can bring the kids to church one last Sunday.  We will hopefully get around 5,000 USD, maybe a little more, for the two of them, our seed money to begin life anew in the States.  We have a few other things too, but nothing of major value.  Enough to pay for groceries until we leave.  Maybe gasoline too.  These are smaller things, like three air conditioning units and the washer and some cabinetry and bookshelves and the two desks and the sofa.  Our little plug-in kitchen appliances that won’t work in the States because they’re 220 electricity.  Garage sale stuff, but they don’t have garage sales here.

I need to figure out how I’m going to pack a couple of pictures for transport.  It’s the small stuff that can get my brain going in circles.  I ordered and had delivered a 15 dollar roll of bubble wrap.  It’s four times, maybe more, than what I expected.  Maybe on our final Sunday we can have a bubble-wrap-popping party with the kids after church.  Admit it, no matter how old you are, popping bubble wrap is FUN!

The dog and cat are real sensitive to the changes going on.  They know something’s up and are clingy.  We have a good home lined up for our cat, but for the dog we’re having a bit of a challenge.  One lady wants Gordon, but one of her other dogs is so aggressive toward him.  Gordon does all the submissive behaviors, but Leo still goes nuts.  Not such a good fit. After leaving our dear Thai friends, leaving our pets is the most difficult.  Sometimes I find myself crying over the pets and our friends at odd times, and there’s still about 4 weeks to go.  I’m gonna be a mess!

BUT there’s the joy in the prospect of being nearer to our grandchildren, children, and other family members!  Now, to find positions that pay (aka, jobs) so we don’t have to camp out with them indefinitely, LOL!  First Dana needs to find what God has in store for him, and then I can begin looking for a position in earnest.  Dana wants to continue in some kind of pastoral role, maybe chaplaincy.  I’ve seen a couple of Children’s Minister positions that I’m qualified for and would suit me well.  Not too good, though, if we get positions at different churches.  I could substitute teach in the public school system, maybe even snag a contract position for the 2018/19 school year.  Right now, today, at this moment, I’m tired and think it would be too wearying.  But God knows, and will give the strength to do whatever He’s called me to.

Mostly pray for us.  There are lots of needs, a lot of mine are for spiritual and emotional stability as I continue this adventure.


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